Tuesday, January 25, 2011

106) Encourage someone else to make a list

Thanks to my friend Chris, I can scratch #106 off my list. This will be the first goal I have completed. Check out Chris's List at http://csquared101in1001.blogspot.com . Thanks Chris, hopefully the other ones will be disappearing from my list sooner rather than later.

I forgot to give a shot out to Candice who gave me the idea to come up with the list of 101 in 1001. Check out Candice's Blog at http://lovingmyjourney.wordpress.com

Friday, January 21, 2011

Let The Fun Begin

So a friend told me about this great concept of completing 101 tasks in 1001 days. I figured since I am what I consider to be "Bored to Death", why not give it a try. At first I thought I would be able to produce a list in no time, but soon realized I could barely hit 40. As they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I took to the net and the possibilities begin to grow. This is my first cut at the list, so I still have to make some of the items not so broad. Yes, I can count and I realize I have 126 items on my list !!!!! If you can do the math, then you know I have a higher probability of knocking 101 items off my list this way.

Let me know what ya think and if any of you want to help me knock the items off my list, let me know. And HELL NO !!!, I'm not paying for anyone's trips. Here goes nothing:

Dawn’s 101 in 1001

Places to Visit

1) Italy

2) Napa Valley

3) Jog/walk in central park

4) Virginia beach

5) Ocean City

6) Raven’s Football game

7) DC salvage store

8) Drive in movie

9) Ice hockey game

10) Mondawmin Mall

11) Go on a cruise

12) Go to the golf range two times a month (warm months only)

13) Go golfing at least twice a year

Financial Milestones

14) Adhere to Budget for 1 year

15) Boost credit score

16) Keep credit card use below 40%

17) Bring lunch at least 3 days week

18) Cook/Eat at least 4 Homemade dinners a week

19) Pay every bill on time, including water and special benefit taxes

20) Create a I want list and let unnecessary / expensive/ splurges items sit for 2 weeks before buying

21) Invest in a stock and earn money

22) Don’t overstock freezer (no more than 4 proteins at a time)

23) Stop being a product junkie

Content to Consume

24) Read Jay Z book

25) Read both of Russell Simmons books

26) Read both of Steve Harvey Books

27) Eat at 6 new restaurants a year

28) Watch 10 classic fashion Movies

29) Read 1 book a month

30) Eat a type of cuisine I have never eaten

31) Eat from Truck near security mall

32) Watch the entire Harry Potter series

33) Read the Bible for 30 min at least once a week

Healthy/ Physical Changes and Activities

34) Tone legs enough that I can wear little shorts

35) Grow hair out

36) Take boot camp class (few weeks)

37) Run half marathon

38) Run 5k

39) Do 1 physical non-gym activity once a month

40) Take a yoga class x times

41) Workout at least 2 times a week

42) Drink 64oz of water a day

43) Eat vegan for 1 week

44) Wear heels at least once a week

45) Get hair and nails done twice a month

New Things to Learn

46) Take public speaking class

47) Learn to meditate

48) Create an android app

49) Take drywall class

50) Take a cooking class

51) Learn to stop judging

52) Recognize and correct cognitive distortions in my thoughts

53) Learn to swim

54) Learn a new language

55) Learn to shoot a gun at a range

56) Learn to drive a stick

57) Learn to groom Nia

58) Learn to use at least 5 heirloom sewing machine attachments

Things to Create

59) Create a mini summer wardrobe

60) Create a mini winter wardrobe

61) Finish denim patch project

62) Make t-shirt blanket

63) Make a new beaded watch

64) Cook one new recipe a month from my cookbook collection

65) Make a book of favorite recipes

66) Blog about my 101 in 1001

67) Remake a article of clothing from 1 or many items

68) Knock off a designer outfit

69) Make an outfit from a movie that is prior to the year I was born

70) Make something using my kitchen aid mixer twice a year

71) Write book reviews for every book read

Acts of kindness

72) Donate to a different but worthy cause

73) Do something nice for a stranger

74) Do something nice for a friend

75) Do something nice for a family member

76) Pass on a skill to someone younger

77) Become a youth mentor

78) Volunteer at homeless shelter

79) Send a gift/card to celebrate people milestones

80) Give care package to someone who is homeless

81) Make something for someone and send it to them

Risk to Take or Why Not’s

82) Teach math at college level

83) Horseback riding

84) Interview at least 3 times just because

85) Go camping

86) Go zip lining or acrobatics training

87) Do one completely selfish thing

88) Actually dance when I go out

89) Go paint balling

90) Go to movie and dinner/lunch alone

91) Go see or watch a movie you don’t think you would like

92) Pull an all nighter with someone

93) Unofficial member of the Twerk team

94) Go fishing


95) Spend time with my 2 old BFF at least twice a year

96) Spend time with both of “the greats” alone

97) Throw 2 just because parties a year

98) Hangout with my girl(s) at least once a month

99) Find new doctor that I actually like

100) Have a sleep over

101) Write a thank you note for every gift received

102) Bathe Nia once a week

103) Take Nia on walk once a week

104) Spend 1 day a month with my mother

105) Spend more time with my sister

106) Encourage someone else to make a list

Things to own

107) Buy an original piece of art that I couldn’t live without

108) Create my own original art

109) By a Mac book

Business/ Organizations

110) Create an etsy store

111) Start a gourmet cooking club

112) Become active in SWE

Pieces of Paper

113) Teaching certificate

114) Work related certification

Home Improvements

115) Clean outback room

116) Decorate backroom

117) Cleanout basement

118) Replace windows

119) Solve yard problem(rats, yikes)

120) Replace shoe molding and get rid of grime around the edges

121) Repair/replace hw floors on first floor

122) Have basement remodeled

123) Furnish basement with 75% used items where feasible


124) Make bed every day

125) Start recycling at home

126) Hire a cleaning lady or follow the fly lady zone cleaning plan